A straighter smile isn’t only important for looking better; it makes a difference in how you feel and how your teeth work too. It can even make a difference in how long your teeth last! That’s why we offer Invisalign® (invisible braces).

Crooked and misaligned teeth can not only affect your looks but also your health and comfort. Misaligned teeth can cause headaches and jaw pain, and when teeth are crooked, plaque build-up can increase, leading to gum disease. An improper bite also means you can’t chew food properly, which can sometimes lead to gastrointestinal problems or nutritional deficiency.

If the thought of wearing braces is holding you back from the smile you have always dreamed of, Invisalign is perfect for you! Invisalign straightens your teeth, without using metal brackets and wires. Instead we use a series of clear, custom-fitting, removable devices called aligners. Not only are Invisalign aligners more comfortable and attractive, they also allow you to clean your teeth better.

What advantages does Invisalign® offer over traditional braces and veneers?
What does Invisalign® treatment involve?
What are some considerations when wearing Invisalign® trays?