Aside from the natural process of aging, a number of other factors can contribute to the staining and discolouring of teeth, including tobacco use, consumption of certain types of foods and drinks, and the use of specific antibiotics.

Prior to any whitening procedure, whether done at home, or in the dental office, a thorough examination by a dentist should be done. Applying whitening solution where the gums have been receded or where a cavity exist, can cause severe sensitivity of your teeth. Hence, these areas  should be evaluated and proper measurements should be considered prior to  applying whitening solution.

“Do-It-Yourself” whitening products in form of strips, pens and generic trays are usually low concentration and are not very effective.

Teeth whitening, done within the dental office, are far more effective, and safe. Our dentists will identify the whitening system that is best for your situation, determining the exact concentration, and length of treatment required to achieve the white smile that you have always wanted. At times, this may include custom trays or solutions that are administered in the office, and continued at home.