Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction


If you are having tightness in your jaws, worn, cracked or breaking teeth, clicking, popping or difficulty opening or closing your jaw, tension or migraine headaches, we’d like to help you. If you have pain in your teeth and don’t know why, or your bite seems to shift, it is important that you have us evaluate you and see if we can treat you with gentle non-invasive treatment for restored health and proper function.

Your dentist can determine the optimal position of the jaw by creating an ideal bite on a device called an occlusal (or bite) splint. This occlusal splint is a therapeutic device that is readjusted until we create the best naturally balanced bite possible on the splint. Once this balance is achieved a relaxed position of the head and neck muscles occurs, allowing proper stable repositioning of the jaw. More definitive, long term stabilization may then include adjusting the bite through reshaping of teeth, repositioning of teeth or the rebuilding of teeth through dental restorations.